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Welcome to Cook Forest State Park

Nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania, Cook Forest State Park stands as a premier destination for nature lovers, hikers, and history enthusiasts alike. Spanning over 8,500 acres of scenic wilderness, it offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical significance.

A Glimpse into the Past: The History of Cook Forest State Park

The Early Days and the Seneca Nation

Before European settlers arrived, the dense forests of what is now Cook Forest State Park served as hunting grounds for the Seneca Nation, part of the Iroquois Confederacy. The land’s first American settler, John Cook, set down roots here in 1826, envisioning the potential for a canal system along the Clarion River.

The Cook Family Legacy

The Cook family’s influence is still visible throughout the park. John and his descendants built sawmills, homes, and the original Cook Forest Inn—now a bed and breakfast—leaving an indelible mark on the region.

Preservation Efforts

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Major Israel McCreight and the Pennsylvania Conservation Association, Cook Forest was transformed into the state’s first park dedicated to preserving a natural landmark, saving its ancient “Forest Cathedral” for future generations to cherish.

The Majestic Forest Cathedral

Old Growth Forest

One of Cook Forest’s crowning jewels is its old-growth forest, known as the “Forest Cathedral.” This sanctuary of white pines and hemlocks stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of nature, with some trees towering over 180 feet tall.

A National Natural Landmark

Designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1967, the park’s “Forest Cathedral” has gained national recognition for its ecological significance and awe-inspiring splendor.

Embracing Nature: Recreation in Cook Forest

Trails and Hiking

With 27 marked trails covering 29 miles, hikers of all levels can explore rolling hills, serene streams, and the enchanting old growth forest. The park also intersects with larger trail systems like the Baker Trail and the developing North Country National Scenic Trail.

Biking Adventures

While biking is restricted on hiking trails, there’s an 11.5-mile Bicycle Route that leads riders through picturesque valleys and challenging terrains, showcasing the park’s natural beauty.

Water Activities

Though the swimming pool is closed, the Clarion River invites visitors to swim, canoe, or kayak along its gentle waters. Local businesses provide rentals and tubing experiences for a day of aquatic adventure.

Horseback Riding and Hunting

Horse enthusiasts can enjoy 4.5 miles of bridle trails, and hunters can take to designated areas during the season to pursue deer, turkey, bear, and squirrel.

Fishing Opportunities

The Clarion River and Tom’s Run offer bountiful fishing, including trout and warm-water game fish. A special pond by the park office is stocked for children and disabled individuals.

Educational Opportunities and Interpretive Programs

Cook Forest State Park isn’t just a haven for outdoor activities; it’s also a center for learning and discovery.

Environmental Education

The park offers curriculum-based programs for schools and youth groups, as well as workshops for teachers. These programs foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of the park’s natural and cultural resources.

Learning Center and Historical Room

The park’s environmental learning center and Historical Room provide insights into the local logging and rafting history, complete with tools, models, and artifacts.

The Arts and Accommodations

Verna Leith Sawmill Theater and Craft Organization

The park hosts a local craft organization and the Verna Leith Sawmill Theater, which offers plays, musicals, and entertainment throughout the summer.

Cabins and Camping

Cook Forest State Park provides rustic cabins and a campground, offering a range of accommodations from one-room setups to larger cabins with fireplaces. Campsites feature modern amenities and are designed to accommodate a wide range of visitors, including those with ADA needs.

Nearby Attractions

Exploring the Vicinity

Several other state parks are located within 30 miles of Cook Forest, including Chapman State Park, Clear Creek State Park, and Oil Creek State Park, each offering its own unique natural and recreational experiences.

Visit Cook Forest State Park

Whether you’re drawn to the towering trees of the “Forest Cathedral,” the rich history of the region, or the diverse recreational activities, Cook Forest State Park welcomes all to explore its timeless beauty. Come and experience one of Pennsylvania’s true natural treasures.

Plan Your Adventure

Before you go, visit the official Cook Forest State Park website for up-to-date information on activities, accommodations, and educational programs. Discover the wonders of Cook Forest and create memories that will last a lifetime.